Monday, 5 January 2015

Inspiration - sharing the blogger love

Since Christmas I've found a few new blogs that I've really taken to, and certain posts that have inspired me. I thought I'd share them on here because its important for bloggers to support other bloggers, and you might see something you like too :)

Kirstie's post caught my eye yesterday. Although "new year, new me" seems a bit of a cliche, she's approached it from a different angle and I really like her ideas. There are hundreds of goals and resolutions posts out there if you're looking for that sort of thing, but Kirstie has thought of little things you can do that might make your January (and the rest of the year) a bit brighter.
I particularly liked her daily aims, and I've written them down so I can remember to attempt them. I'm thinking of doing a weekly round up of how I've got on, what do you think?

Whilst scrolling through Pinterest I spotted this picture:

My first thought was I really like her hair. Then I thought I really like her coat. I clicked through the links and got to her blog, Vogue Haus. Barbora is an 18 year old Czech who has the best outfits. I want everything she wears! She definitely makes Winter stylish. Her videos and posts from her travels to various European cities are great, too!

And finally, Sara commented on one of my posts, so I clicked on her profile. I'm SO glad I did! She takes fantastic photos of truly beautiful locations across the U.S. If you're wanderlusting, check out her blog!


 I hope you like these finds! Feel free to share your own links or to blogs or particular posts you love.

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  1. What a fab post, I love these because it helps people find blogs they might not otherwise! Sara has a new follower now anyways :)


  2. Barbora's style is so perfect - wearable yet cool! I love posts like this for finding new blogs - there are so many blogs out there that it's impossible not to miss some. :) x

  3. This is a really nice post - it's really nice to see the blogging community supporting each other :) Will definitely check them all out!

    Beth x