Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Brunching in Bloomsbury - Half Cup

Having arrived at King's Cross late on Saturday morning v. hungry, I did a quick google of nearby eateries. I noticed Half Cup but didn't really think much more of it, and we decided to walk in any direction until we came across somewhere that looked good. By chance, we walked down exactly the right street that Half Cup is on (Judd Street). 

A quick glance at the menu was enough to entice me inside, tugging Mark in with me. After our disappointment the day before arriving at a cafe at 11:20 that stopped serving breakfast at 11:15, I was more than happy to find there was no time limit on breakfast/brunchy items here, and better still, they did pancakes!

Not only is does Half Cup do great brunch, you're actually sat in a work of art. The walls were covered in bright, colourful murals of flowers and hummingbirds by Saroj Patel, and I was sat there sipping my latte thinking that I'd love something like that in my living room!

THE FOOD. I had pancakes with berries & cream, Mark had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. I had a latte, he had OJ. Then I went back to the counter for an almond croissant, a banana and a takeaway Earl Grey. Walking round London works up a right appetite, okay!?

The pancakes were hot and fluffy, just the thing to help decide which sights of London to see next. We settled on the British museum as it was fairly near by, then headed (perhaps foolishly) to Regent Street as I wanted to have a look in Anthropologie at all the things I can't afford. Woe is me. I did get a lot of inspiration from their crockery of things I could make myself at pottery though!

 If you're in the area, I'd highly recommend stopping here. Their lunch menu looked good too! Only thing I will say is I recommended it to my friends but as one of them is Gluten Free they didn't go as there wasn't much choice of GF things on the menu. But if you are a connoisseur of the carb, like me, its grand. My cup is definitely Half Full.

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