Sunday, 1 February 2015

Spending Ban

I saw a few spending ban posts around the beginning of the month from and Rachel and Donna, and I thought I'd just do one in my own head, rather than making official and in writing, of course that didn't work! I've spend far too much money this month when I really need to be saving up to fund accomdation when (if!) I go to uni in September, as I won't be able to get Student Finance for a second degree :(

A few things this will cover: I won't buy any clothes, I won't buy any make up or toiletries until I use up what I've already got, and I won't buy any books.  One exception to this is that I will buy clothes for work, as I work in retail and I need (I use this term rather loosely) (heavily discounted) new season clothes for uniform. I will try and buy less though!

I plan on majorly reducing my wardrobe, so expect links to eBay items over the next few weeks!

I'll also look into selling academic books on Amazon, and donating others to charity.

I also plan on using my local library a hell of a lot more! I have so many books on my shelves and on my kindle that I haven't read, so I'm going to work my way through those, but if I want that "new book" excitement I'll be on my way to the library straight away.

I'm going to stop donating monthly to charity through direct debit, and instead donate more items to the charity shops in my town.

Hopefully this will stretch my funds a little bit further and I might make some money on eBay, which will all go into the pot!

Are you trying to save up for something? What are your budgeting tips?
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