Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year....

2014 was the year of change.

  • I turned 21, wrote my final assignments, completed my dissertation and finished Univesity. I thought that would be the end of formal education for me, but having been unable to decide what to do next, and wanting to actually use my degree, I chose to apply to univeristy all over again to study Speech Therapy.
  • I've been going to college once a week to re-learn and re-sit GCSE Maths, I've got a C but for certain courses I've applied to I need a B.
  • I've been offered interviews at Sheffield and Marjon, Plymouth, and I've been given a conditional offer from Cardiff Meteropolitan. THIS IS REAL. I'm so excited to finally study something I've wanted to for years.
  • Other notable achievments of this year - I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. This was huge for me as it felt like I'd been learning for ever and ever. I'd spent over a year just with this instructor!
  • I'm also really proud that I taught myself how to do a fishtail plait - I just need to grow my hair again so I can do it!
  • ..... and I trained my tastebuds to like coffee -  I'm such a grown up now ;)

Next year

I want to go abroad, eat healthier and get fitter. Original, I know!
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  1. It sounds like a really exciting year! Especially getting interviews with some amazing places. Congratulations! Haha, I feel you on those goals for 2015 -- my constant wants, but my laziness (or lack of resources) always beats me out. Fingers are crossed for both of us to have more successful years in that regard! :)

    Sara //

    1. We can keep eachother motivated! :) xx

  2. Congrats on such a successful year :) Good luck with your interviews this year - if you come across as passionate to your interviewers about Speech Therapy as you seem in this post then you will be completely fine!

    Beth x

    1. Thanks, Beth! I'm rushing trying to read everything I'd said I'd read in my personal statement.. :P xx