Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Book Review: Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneggger

I was drawn to this in a charity shop a) because I remember really enjoying The Time Traveler's Wife about 6 years ago, and b) because it was in near-new condition and only about £2.

Elspeth lives in a flat in a big old Victorian house in London that backs onto Highgate Cemetery. Her lover/long-term partner, Robert, lives in the flat downstairs and Martin,  a man with severe OCD, lives upstairs.
Near the beginning of the story Elspeth dies, and leaves the flat in her will to her twin nieces who currently live in America, and they move to London.

This is a ghost story - but it doesn't really get creepy until about two thirds of the way in. I did enjoy the story as you get to know the characters and how their lives intertwine.
The insights into the lives of identical twins and the life of someone with severe OCD were really interesting, and they added to the story. I know they are fictional but Niffenegger did do a lot of research!

This is a great read for the lead up for Hallowe'en to get you in the mood - its mainly set in a cemetery, for goodness' sake! Although I admit I started reading this in August and had a break of about 3-4 weeks in the middle where I forgot all the characters' names.

I do love the setting. Niffenegger has obviously undergone in-depth research into Highgate Cemetery, and reading this book has definitely made me want to visit! If you want a little look round the cemetery from a blogger's perspective, read about Becky Bedbug's visit here.

I don't think I've done this book justice in this review - I never really know what to write! The story does stay with you and makes you wander what you would have done in each character's situation.

If you get a chance to read it, do!

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

First Plymouth Haul

You know when you only pop into boots for something small and end up spending forty quid? That happened. And Primark happened. And Tiger. This is only a little shop today, other shopping has occurred since I've been here but this is the first I've blogged :) Apologies for the picture quality - these were (very gratefully) taken on Mark's phone as mine is still being repaired!!

I bloody love Tiger. I've not been in one before moving to Plymouth, and the best way I can describe it is all the fun bits of IKEA but better. The stripy lanyard is from there, which I got to replace the free Magners one from my last post - this is a bit more me!

I really wanted a furry jumper thing to wear in bed when I'm on my laptop so I don't have to wear a full onesie or a dressing gown. I couldn't find just a jumper that I liked so I had to get the fluffy bottoms too as part of this Hogwarts set! I do love all Primark's Hogwarts & Disney stuff. The sports bra is also Primark, I bought one a couple of weeks ago but its so comfy and only £4 so I bought another one! 

Aahhh the Boots haul. I've been after a Primer for a while -  and Smashbox's Photo Finish came up again and again with good reviews so that's what I went for. And the other cosmetics were on 3 for 2. A while ago I asked Katie what mascara she uses as her eyes always look fabulous - check out her insta! I had to get the same one in an attempt to have lashes at least half as fabulous as hers! As it was 3 for 2 I picked up some eyeliner and a brow kit. I really want to up my eyeliner and brow game - at the moment I only use eyebrow pencil so I want to experiment with this Soap & Glory kit.

Has anyone else been to Tiger? New favourite non-clothes shop - even overtaking Paperchase!
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

First weeks of uni (again)

So much for getting my blogging mojo back.. September was going well until I went to uni! Anyways I thought I'd update you on what's been keeping my occupied since the 20th of September.

I moved in to my room in halls... why would I go back to halls!? Its not actually tooo bad..... We have a few loud boys downstairs but its not been too bad during the week since fresher's fortnight has finished.
Here's my room!

I got the bedding in the H&M sale a few months ago, and the throw on top is ikea, as is the cactus pot (blogger standard). The fairy lights are Urban Outfitters, they're on copper wire so I could bend them into different shapes if I wanted. 

I was pleasantly surprised with my room, its in the corner of the flat so its slightly bigger than some of the others, mainly meaning I have more floor space. No excuse not to to yoga/workouts now! There's quite a lot of wardrobe space which is good though I feel like I've got barely any clothes with me! My window looks out over the tennis courts :)

In Fresher's week some of my flatmates and I went to a cake decorating event which we all enjoyed so much we set up a baking society there and then! I need to get down to poundland to get some piping bags so I can recreate these!

This is a selection of my favourite bits from my freshers fayre haul.. the t-shirt and the Ben & Jerry's shovel came from the Domino's stand - along with free pizza of course! The lanyard was from Wetherspoons stand along with a hat and I've been keeping my keys on it. I love the biscuit beer mat! The glow in the dark sperm keyring was from the NHS clinic stand but I gave it to my flatmate because she missed the fayre.

I've just finished my second week of lectures now and I'm realising I know very little biology - my main reading has been enormous anatomy & physiology books! I'm currently having my phone repaired and I've been given a replacement brick and I'm really missing instagram and having a camera! I might get my parents to bring my actual camera down when they come at half term.

Hope you enjoyed reading - I won't leave it as long next time.

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