Thursday, 29 January 2015

The 'me-time' tag

Danielle tagged me to answer this set of questions - hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about me and what I like to do when I'm lazing :)

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?
Anything on my kindle, blogs, or catch up on a TV series such as New Girl.

2.What do you wear during me-time?
Pjs, onesie, cosy jumpers, slippers, trackie bottoms, etc you get the gist!

3. What are you me-time beauty products?
Lush bath bombs, Body Shop face masks, and whatever nail polish takes my fancy!

4. Current favourite nail polish?
Hmmmm. Rimmel Salon Pro in Punk Rock, though having just been on the website to find that link there's loads more I want to try!

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
Tea, hot chocolate, coffee, choloate, cake, ice-cream, biscuits - you know, anything that's really good for me ;)

6. Current favourite candle?
I love the Apricot Blossom scent from Next.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Yes! I love walking the dog or going for a (rare) run by myself.

8. Would you ever go to the cinema alone?
 In theory yes, if I really wanted to see something and no-one would/could come with me. The cinema isn't very social anyway, its not like you can chat while you watch the film!

9. Favourite online shop?
H&M! I make fantasy baskets that run into hundreds of pounds. Its a shame that when I do order anything it takes so long to arrive!

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
Its mainly online shopping and blog reading to be honest, but I do like cutting up old magazines to make collages or add bits to my Wreck This Journal. I'm trying to do a bit more drawing/painting aswell.

And I Tag....

I don't like this tagging business, I always feel like I'm bugging people to take part! I'll encourage everyone to take part, and if you do answer the questions, let me know here!

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  1. such a lovely post! i always throw on a face mask and do my nails :)

    from helen at

    1. Face masks are so much fun, I always want to answer the door in one :P They remind me of sleepovers back in the day! xx

  2. lovely post! we are almost alike in things we do haha

    1. They're not very original things to do to be honest, but they're fun and relaxing which is why everyone does them! xx

  3. Those socks/slippers are the cutest!!! And going to the movies alone isn't as bad as I thought it would be -- went by myself for the first time a few months ago and I was the crazy person who brought an entire lunch with them, hahahha.

    Sara //

    1. They're meant to be owls but I think they're more like frogs :P I went to the cinema with my boyfriend the other night and I was glad of someone to whisper comments to but it wouldn't be the end of the world not to! Are you allowed to bring your own food with you? xx