Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Moochin' with the pooch - woodland and flooded river

Another lot of pictures from a walk with my lovely dog. I wanted to go somewhere that would be pretty in photos so I chose my local woods, which back on to a river which was flooded. I didn't think this through and didn't put a towel in the car - cue muddy paw prints all over my seats when we got back!

This walk was also to practice my photography skills and see what I could get out of my Nikon Coolpix - a regular point-and-shoot camera that's about 4 years old. I'm always taking photos on my phone so I thought I'd try and get the best out of my camera. Any hints/tips are welcome!

I'm annoyed that the sky is bright white in this photo, but I had to include this picture of the old Dovecot. The woods surround the ruins of an old mansion house that was destroyed after the war. I'm really gutted that the house was destroyed but I've had over 20 years enjoying these woods.

This is the edge of the woods next to the river. This little drainage ditch was overflowing onto the path. Luckily I had my walking boots on but I'd have preferred my wellies!

Believe it or not that's the old boat house - I don't think its much use now! The water level is normally where those tall rushes are - as you can see there's been quite a lot of rain recently - also the river is still tidal here.

Tess loves paddling, getting muddy and running around like a mad thing. She found a patch of water the other side of the bank to the river and was rushing around in and out of it and splashing like a child - she loves it!

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  1. Smiley Tess!! Loving these posts and it's awesome that you're trying to get more out of your point and shoot. I wish more people would instead of going out and getting a dslr straight away ;P


    1. Thanks :) I might be able to save enough for a dslr but I wouldn't be able to then get all the lenses and photoshop and all the palava that goes with it! xx

  2. I absolutely love these pictures! Your photography is really beautiful, keep taking pictures! Also, the dog is so cute! Couldn't leave that out!
    Jade x