Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Pottering around Aberystwyth

Yesterday I went with Mark, his Mum and his Gran on a little trip to Aberystwyth. Aber is about an hour away from us and its not even got that many decent shops, but it has enough for a nice little outing.

I went off by myself, as I don't like holding people up while I pick and choose! I met up with the others for lunch, and we all went off to Next because it is out of town. I wasn't planning on buying much but I came away with some make up, a couple of things from Dorothy Perkins and wrapping paper. I've still not bought all my presents for people but at least I can get started wrapping what I've already got.

I also had a cheeky gingerbread latte from Costa, how cute is the little gingerbread man?

 Aberystwyth Uni's Old College, looking particularly lovely in the winter sunshine.

I've never used lipliner before so this purchase is more of an experiment! I really don't need another lipstick but this is a good, versatile colour and it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug ;) The No7 Mascara was a Christmas gift from a happy customer at work - I love the sparkly red tube, its very festive! The concealer is a must, mine's nearly run out and my skin is really bad recently so I need something to hide all the damage.

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  1. Lovely photos! I much prefer shopping on my own too, I take such a long time making decisions haha!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. I know! I hate holding people up, and I like going round all the shops twice in case I missed something ;) x