Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Through the letterbox - New Balance & a sensible coat!

Today's post was very exciting - my New Balance arrived! I picked these bad boys up in the Office sale for thirty quid and I'm very pleased. They're ideal for wandering round cities all day, still being fashuuuun dahling but comfy at the same time.

I love them! I feel so cool!  An added bonus is they make my cankles look like actual ankles, YAY.

What also arrived today was my sensible 3-in-1 waterproof coat. Now, I have a shower resistant funky red mac and a really thin bright pink North Face jacket which is great for staying dry whilst running / cycling / playing hockey but I haven't got anything warm and thick and really properly waterproof - which is where this Karrimor coat comes in.

I hope to do a lot more walking/hiking in 2015 and this coat will be ideal. I feel like I've never really made the most of living in Snowdonia so this year I plan to do just that.

Do you like my #ootd? ;)

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