Sunday, 14 December 2014

Feeling festive!

As you may have noticed, Christmas is just around the corner! (I know, NEWSFLASH) I'm feeling smug that I've got all my presents wrapped, I'm just waiting for the last one to arrive and then I'm done! Just need a tree to put them under now... my family don't usually decorate until Christmas eve, this isn't a case of tradition, its just being traditionally unorganised and leaving things to the last minute!

We had our Christmas do at work on Friday night where we did our Secret Santa, I got a very sparkly Lush bath melt and a Toblerone, not sure which I  was happiest with to be honest - whoever got them knows me well. The Toblerone disappeared very quickly and I've just had the sparkliest bath - I've come out looking like Edward Cullen in sunshine! Seriously there is glitter everywhere, my clothes will be sparkling for weeks, not to mention the bath!

Last weekend our village got all Christmassy, we had an ice rink, a craft fair, the shops were open late and there were stalls in the square selling mulled wine, hot chocolates and pancakes. It all felt very festive and definitely got me in the mood for Christmas. We even had a visit from Father Christmas himself!

I got in the mood on Christmas Jumper Day in my Christmas Jumper - Fat Face, would you believe ;) Yesterday we went shopping in Aber (again!) and I had to get another Christmas Costa just for the cup. I washed it out and I've put one of my cacti in it, as you do!

What do you think of my first outfit photo? This is the product of a very useful #fbloggers chat on Thursday night, getting tips from other bloggers. Twitter chats are so good for feeling part of a community of like-minded people, and everyone is so helpful and friendly. If you've not taken part in one, I highly recommend it! 

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  1. I LOVE your jumper - you look fab! So lovely that someone put thought into your secret Santa too, my Mam got one last year and it was if they had purposely tried to be nasty and got something she really dislikes.


    1. Thanks! Outfit photos are haaaard, how do people have the time!? Ah that's not nice, its like they're hiding being the anonymity (is that even how you spell it?) just to be nasty - its so much easier to be nice! xx

  2. That sweater is the cuuuutest! And I'll take Lush products from Secret Santa any day -- sparkly baths and all! Plus chocolate is always a win, right? I've never participated in the Twitter chats, but sounds useful if only for cool sweater finds!

    Sara //

    1. They're all in the sale now! Great for next Christmas ;) xx