Thursday, 20 November 2014

What's in my bag?

Here's a totally original post idea for you ;)

I love reading these types of post - its great for us nosey parkers to see what type and size bag people carry for different things, and what they have with them! Since I've just got a new bag that I love, I thought I'd debut it on the blog with the typical contents.

Firstly then, the bag!

This is Fat Face's Darthaven Shoulder Bag. I am a BIG fan. Its just the right size for all I need, and the shoulder strap makes it really versatile. Its a lovely chocolate brown shade which unfortunately desn't show up very well in this photo. The fact that it's genuine leather it a big plus beacuse is smells heavenly (obviously the key thing you look for in a bag!).

Now to what's inside...

  •  A book or my kindle, depending what I'm reading at the time. 
  • Diary Paperchase
  • Beach purse - this has the gift cards and the loyalty cards I don't need everyday inside. The link is for the company's website but I got mine from a local gift shop.
  • Hand cream
  • Phone charger
  • Earphones
  • Hand sanitiser (this is from Holland & Barret, its such a handy little spray)
  • Hair brush
  • Car keys - the teddy keyring is an essential so I can find my keys quickly at the bottom of my bag!
  • Purse Accessorize
  • Notebook

What do you have in your bag?
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  1. That bag <3 I had no idea that FatFace did bags, this is going to be dangerous...