Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Weekend in the West Country

A while ago I registered for Marjon Uni's #BigOpenDay in Plymouth, and booked in with my Granny in Bristol to stay with her for the weekend, as Plymouth is a full on trek from the mid-Wales coast. I travelled down to Bristol on Friday, went to Plymouth on Saturday, went to Wells on Sunday and came home on Monday. Lots of travelling, lots of trains, lots of tracks listened to on my ipod!

This weekend could also be known as 'The Weekend of Truly Awful Photos'. Seriously. Stunning views from the train between Bristol & Plymouth and all I could get was the reflection of my phone in the window. Booo. And the weather in Wells was grey and miserable so any attempt at capturing the beautiful city and cathedral went down the drain. At least this one of the inner quad at the university is nice!

 The main purpose of the visit was to have a look round the University of St Mark and St John (aka Marjon) to see if I'd like to study there in September. The simple answer is: YES! I loved that its a small campus uni, so everything is all on one site. The course sounded really good and the staff & students were all really friendly and informative, which made a difference. They even provided a complimentary hot meal and live entertainment. I've not seen that anywhere else! The train journey along the South coast of Devon is big plus too!

I made a lovely collage of pictures from the train window... They include deer (yes those sheepy looking things), the river Ex, and the Dawlish sea wall. (Just so you know what to google if you want a decent picture!)

 Now... on to Wells. On Sunday my Granny had to drop off a book to a friend in Bath, so we started there, but as Granny didn't fancy tackling the city we headed for Wells (which is also technically a city, as it has an enormous cathedral).

I've been to Wells before, but only when I was little, and I couldn't remember any of it. It has the most delightful little high street and town square, which apparently is one of the locations in Hot Fuzz. Its the prettiest little place, surrounding this huuuuge cathedral.Wells is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit again (and again, and again), and next time I'll go on a nice day and take a decent camera!

We had pottered around some shops and lunch in a little cafe. Its is so so so lovely there.

Here is my crappy offering of a photo of the cathedral, but the Wells tourist information website has plenty of beautiful pictures and information if you want to stay there (you really must!).

 I had a really good weekend, and loved spending some quality time with my Granny. Next time I'm down that way I think a trip to Bath is in order!

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