Monday, 8 September 2014

MGs Cafe, Aberystwyth

Yesterday my family was going to our nearest big (ahem) town, Aberystwyth, so I thought I'd tag along and meet up with my friend from school, Naomi. I can't remember the last time we saw eachother, which is frankly unacceptable! We decided to avoid Costa and give a local independant cafe a go, and we chose MGs.

I'd never been there before, and I was very impressed! The interior was just lovely. There was a huge open skylight in the ceiling and lots of plants, and a wall of mirrors!

This rather sweet minature tea set was on the display next to our table and on the shelf underneath was a selection of books on the local area to browse.

The menu. Obviously there was an English version aswell. The top section is breakfasts, served til 4pm! Our kind of place. The second section is light bights. There are other sections for bigger meals, and obviously drinks and desserts, and there was a specials board. We were too full for any of the cakes on offer but they all looked scrummy. Everything was reasonably priced - I'm going to have to go again to try the other options!

 The food. I ordered this amazing bacon and egg bagel. They also offered a salmon and cream cheese filling. Naomi had really thick bacon and egg pancakes.

It was so good to finally see Naomi again, and this was a great place for a catch up!
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