Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Spiky Selection

So Mark and I have a rather large - and growing - collection of cacti (or cactuseses, whichever). It started with a trip to Ikea a few years ago because we wanted to brighten up our flat, and then there was a trip to a local garden centre a bit later... then a special trip to Wilkos just for a cactus (its an hour away) and finally the latest additions were adopting the babies of my friend's rather large cactus. Unfortunately the orginal prickled member of our collection died. Yes, it is possile to kill a cactus. I think we watered it too much - but we have learned from our mistakes and now we have a thriving little brood.

Now, at the moment they are all in the rather boring little brown pots that they came in. I attempted to make a new pot at pottery for them but it was far too shallow - it was more of a dish really. I'm in the process of making a replacement, but this is them in their temporary accomodation.

 Yes I know the one on the top right is a succulent, not a cactus. As you can see some of them are getting a little a lot too big for their tiny pots, so the sooner I can get their new pot finished the better - hopefully it will turn out well!

I like cactuseses (its more fun too say than cacti) because they look really interesting and they're so easy to care for (if you ignore the fact we killed one). I'm really excited to put them into their new home!

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  1. I love cacti plants, I used to think they were scary and ugly as a youngster and I could never understand why someone would want a death plant in their home, but as an adult I can now really appreciate a good cactus, haha! My boyfriend's Mum has so many and I'm trying to persuade her to give me one so I can be a proud cactus Mama just like she is!


    1. You might be able to get cuttings from one of her cacti? When I was little I saw a cactus and either tried to pick it up or stroke it, and ended up having to be held down while my mum removed all the prickles from my hands with tweezers! Its not put me off, obviously! Just remember to wear thick gardening gloves if you're handling/repotting them :) xx