Monday, 15 September 2014

How NOT to have a clear out - ebay fail!

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What with all the beautiful A/W clothes in the shops I decided to have a clear out so I could fit in some new clothes (and scrape a few pennies together on eBay to afford them). This was a brilliant plan. In theory.

I sorted all my the clothes in my drawers into keep, get rid of, and not sure piles. I put all the stuff in the keep piles back away and sorted the not sure pile into keep and get rid of. Now, the get rid of pile... this was my downfall.

I selected a few nice pieces, took some photos and put them on eBay. I set the auction to end a week from that day.

In the next few days, I gathered together my get rid of stuff and took it to the local charity shop. When I got home I got a notifcation on the eBay app to say someone had bid on one of my items  - a pair of pink jeans. My heart sunk - you can guess what happened!

I checked my room anyway and of course  the pink jeans were nowhere to be seen - they'd been taken to the charity shop!

Although they only had a 99p bid on them, it was still really complicated to try and end the auction as it was less than 12 hours til it ended. I went to the charity shop ready to buy them back but unfortunately they'd already been snapped up. Panic!

Then genius struck - I asked my mum to bid on them for me! I was all for her going on ebay just before the auction ended, but then my boyfriend's dad suggested she put a really high max bid so no-one would bid higher, because who's going to pay £30 for some old jeans? This thankfully worked, and I managed to set the payment options to cash on collection, and the postage to collect in person, so no money was actually exchanged.

I didn't have to send an awkward message to some poor unsuspecting bidder, the charity shop made some money, and I only lose out by having to pay seller fees to eBay, which is only a few pence.

Moral of the story - sort your get rid of pile carefully - remember what you've put on eBay!

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  1. I'm always too scared to sell anything on ebay in case something goes wrong, haha! Glad yours all worked out in the end though! X

    1. It is worth it, don't be afraid :) This is a really good post if you're new to eBay

      Remember to charge enough for postage - I've ended up selling something for 50p, charding £2 postage and actually having to pay £2.80 at the post office so I lost out! Learnt from my mistakes though :P xx