Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book Review - Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson

I found this book after reading something somewhere along the lines of "If you liked Paper Towns by John Green you might also like..." so I downloaded it onto my kindle after reading the blurb and reviews. It tells the story of Amy and Roger (funnily enough)  who need to get Amy's mother's car from Los Angeles to Connecticut (the width of the USA, I had to look at a map). The two start the book as pretty much strangers, but as you can tell by the cover, they end up together. Although this turn of events is glaringly obvious the whole way through the book, its still a good read, and its not the main focus of the story.

I know its a cliche but the characters embark on a personal journey as well as a literal one - Amy more so than Roger, which makes sense as it is told from her point of view. From quite close to the beginning I guessed the general gist of the big secret that Amy is holding back, as clues are given, but it doesn't come as a surprise when she finally reveals it to Roger later in the story.

A touch I liked is that for each chapter there is a playlist for that section of their trip - I only knew a couple of bands but I'd like to investigate the rest! Its a shame I read it on my kindle rather than as a physical book because its a lot harder to go back and find the pages with the playlists on. A quick search on spotify has found some kind soul has compiled the playlist! Brilliant.

This is my first book review since I was in primary school so I'm not really sure if I've covered all the bases - I hope that the general impression I give is favourable because I really enjoyed it. If anything it makes me want to explore America a bit! I'm very intrigued about Frozen Custard for starters....

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