Sunday, 28 February 2016

sparkles & sounds

I finally took the plunge and converted from Android to Apple, which means I get to buy new cases, and I have choice!

I chose this Skinny Dip one as it was £6 in the Topshop sale and its quite snazzy! Its not my first choice but as it was at least £10 cheaper than other cases I settled for it, beggars can't be choosers, ey?

I didn't need new earphones until a couple of days ago. I've got my Skullcandy headphones and I'd been quite happily using the earphones that came with my Samsung if I needed something more compact. That was til the other day when I went to Bristol with 2 silicon ear bud thingies and only came back with one. Bummer. I popped into HMV on my flatmate's recommendation and bought these Smile Jamaica Chant earphones.

I like the wooden design and the fabric(?) cable. The company, House of Marley is all about eco-friendliness and charitable causes so that's a bonus too! And of course, the sound quality is really good and they also have a microphone so I can wander around in public looking like I'm talking to myself if I'm on the phone.

You might also be able to tell I've got a screen protector on my phone. Its a tempered glass one (apparently) that I got off Amazon for a couple of quid. My cousin has just managed to smash her screen and I know how often that happens so I didn't want to take any risks!

Where's your favourite place to get a phone case?
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  1. I converted from Android to Apple a couple of years ago. How are you finding it? By now I'm used to Apple but thinking of converting back... but can't quite get my head back into an Android phone!

    Love the cover and earphones! I haven't even got a phone case. I really need to get one x

  2. I moved to iPhone after being an Android fangirl nearly 2 years ago and I would never go back! I absolutely love my iPhone <3

    Ness |

  3. I love that you can now wander around in public and look completely sane while talking to yourself or singing away because of the headphones!! Tempered glass screen protectors are amazing, although they do have wear and tear after about six months!