Monday, 4 January 2016


I am not the best blogger. I struggle to post once a month. Or I'll post 5 times one month and not at the next. THIS YEAR THOUGH I will change this. Recently I've been reading blogs a lot more, which has inspired me to majorly up my blogging game.

Misty Welsh mountains, May '15

I've got a few aims with what I want to do and feature more of on Hannah Sundae.

1. Improve my photography. In all aspects. Whether its landscapes or photos of food or lipstick, I want my photographs to be aesthetically pleasing.
2. Adventures. I want to explore more and I want to document it here. Last summer I spent 10 days in Scotland and this poor old blog didn't hear a peep about it. This will change!
3. Style. I want to put more effort into what I wear, and again, document it here.
4. Fitness. Aaah the cliched January wish  - to get fitter and lose weight blah blah blah. You've heard it all before. Now you're hearing it again. Seriously though, I need to become healthier. Recipes and exercise will be heading this way!
5. Books. Read more. Write more. Read more. Write more. Read more. Write more. Read more. Write more. You get the gist?
6. Music. I want to add a "what I'm listening to" at the end of each post :)

I hope you're happy to join me on this blogging journey - any hints and tips and recommendations along the way will be more than welcome! You can always tweet me @HannahSundae.

LET'S GO 2016!!

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  1. I am excited to see what your blog will bring, lady! ALSO PLEASE LET ME LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOUR TRAVELS! Europe is a place I want to explore more but have not been able to much :( Especially not the UK!

    1. Europe is ambitious! Though I am hoping to cross the English Channel this year. I can promise lots of Wales and Dartmoor (both bloody stunning!) xx

  2. Exciting stuff! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Fitness is my word of the year! x

  3. I really enjoyed this post. With reading more, come and have a chat to me on Twitter and I'll recommend some books to you.

    Emma Louise

  4. Great post! A new follower to your blog :-)