Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Plymouth Barbican

Mark came down to Plymouth the other day, and it was a great chance to explore the city I now call home. Unfortunately I was working and in lectures most of the time, so I only had a couple of free days to explore, but we fitted in quite a lot in a short space of time. My phone was being repaired so I had to borrow Mark's phone for the photos!

We went for a meal to The Stable, on the Barbican. We went on a Tuesday evening because they have Tuck In Tuesday offers. I did take pictures of our food but they didn't turn out great, I'll have to go again in daylight! I highly recommend The Stable, they have branches across the South West and they're opening new restaurants fairly frequently - great for pizza, pies and cider (aaall the cider!)

The next day we headed back to the Barbican to nosy round the National Aquarium and the Hoe. It wasn't great weather - grey and murky! This area of Plymouth is stunning on a sunny day.

These are the Mayflower Steps - where the pilgrims left on the Mayflower to head to America.

The Aquarium was quite good. I wasn't blown away by it. I was expecting big things considering its the National Aquarium, but I personally prefer Blue Planet near Chester. This Turtle was quite a character - he was swimming round his tank and kept swimming into rocks and things. We later found out he was rescued from the sea as he was blind and epileptic, poor thing. I do like the fact that you can use your ticket to go back as many times as you like within a year. It was interesting to learn about the marine life in Britain's waters, and the rockpool area was quite cool. I did hear a child complaining that there weren't enough Sharks!

The Barbican is the nicest bit of Plymouth by far, I recommend visiting if you're in the area.
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  1. Lovely photos! I've never visisted Plymouth! I must take a visit - especially to The Barbican- I do loveeee my cider! x