Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring Sunshine

Yesterday we had a very welcome warm, sunny day. The kind that reminds you that winter doesn't actually last forever! I still needed a coat, but it was lovely to be reunited with the sunshine! We went for a walk along the estruary and along the old Roman road (its not actually Roman) which goes along the water's edge - there's bits you can't access at high tide!

We're so incredibly lucky where we live to have views like this on our doorstep, I can't imagine living anywhere that isn't by the coast!

I hope you like these photos! Let me know how you've been making the most of the sunshine  in the comments. As I'm writing this the skies are all grey and there's rain lashing at the windows! Hopefully we'll have more warm weather soon.

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  1. the sunflower is so pretty!

  2. There's nothing I love more than early spring and the end of winter: it's still chilly, but the sun is shining and the first flowers and blossoms are already grown. Your pictures are beautiful by the way!
    I followed you on Bloglovin!
    Laura x

  3. eee I love walking down streets lined with flowers. Especially after a cold winter, it's so refreshing to see stuff blooming all around town.

    Sara //

  4. These are such beautiful pictures. I'd love to live somewhere pretty like this. We are smack bang in the middle of the country with no coast anywhere near by. There is a small lake on my estate but it's not the same!