Thursday, 23 October 2014

Winter is coming...

I'm currently sat in the living room at the house where I'm babysitting, and I'm rather chilly! I have no idea where or what heating is on... there's a real fire in front of me but I don't want to light it. So I'm chilly. I've got a jumper and a hoody on but my nose and fingertips are definitely c o l d.

Next to me is a cat curled up on the sofa and a dog curled up on the floor, both are asleep and don't seem bothered by the cold at all.

I've just read a blog post on the wonderful delights of Autumn and my pinterest is full of golden leaves, toffee apples, blankets and pumpkin pie. I'm trying to remind myself Autumn really is great... especially after playing hockey last night in the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo, hail and all!

The other day I had my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I would have had one last year but I didn't like coffee then (as my brother said - #firstworldproblems). Starbucks has just opened in Aberystwyth, my nearest civilisation. This is a big deal. They've not long had an escalator (Chris Moyles went on it) so this is huge.

The weather has been amazing. I love it when it gets a bit wild. Mark and I parked up and watched an amazing lightening storm over cardigan bay the other night. The showery weather has produced some awesome billowy clouds which makes sunsets all the more dramatic. I was so excited to dig out my warm tartan scarf that I got last year! It is most definitely winter woolies weather now.

Talking of winter woolies - its fluffy socks season! Here's my pinterest Cosy board for all things warm, fluffy and toasty! I have a seperate board for woolly jumpers.

source- pinterest
What do you love or hate about autumn? Hopefully the positives outweigh the negatives!

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  1. Loved reading this! I haven't had a pumpkin spice latte because I really don't like coffee hah, but I'm always so tempted! I do love autumn love. Everything about it is so magical! Xx

    1. I trained myself to like coffee over the summer, I've always liked coffee cake and chocolates so I figured the drink was the next step :P Loving all these crunchy leaves and pretty trees! xx