Sunday, 8 January 2017

January Sales Picks

 If there's one thing I learnt whilst shooting these photos, is that sunset is a terrible time for taking outfit photos, especially when you only have an iPhone 5c camera. I liked these shots though, so if you ignore the quality and focus on my snazzy new threads then that'll be grand. Also the beach in winter is even colder after the sun sets - who knew? Kudos to Mark for coming down with me to take these pics.

Yay new clothes!! I HAVE to start with the uuuuhmazing shoes. I mean.... HELLO SPARKLY GOLD BROGUES! I got these bad boys just before Christmas in Clarks when I went to Shrewsbury with my Mum, and she kindly bought me these for my Christmas present. At first I spotted a lovely dark green pair that were leather, suede and patent. They were very very nice and I would have gone home with them quite happily. While I was waiting for the shop assistant to fetch the other shoe of the pair to try on, I spotted these beauties. I then spent about 15 minutes walking round the shop with one green shoe and one gold shoe on trying to decide which to buy. My mum was being practical and saying I'd get lots more wear out of the green pair, I could wear them on placement etc, but I've already got tan and black brogues, so I feel I'm alright for practical boring shoes for now. What I didn't have though, were fabulous sparkly shoes! Not to mention incredibly comfy. My other brogues are New Look and F+F at Tesco, and needless to say, these Clarks ones are by far the comfiest, and I dare say the most durable. Good old Clarks - not just the home of school shoes eh?
Oh yeah - these were an absolute bargain at £30 - half price!

plz excuse socks and cankles
 After Christmas I went to Aberystwyth and got this gorgeous scarf from Accessorize. I've wanted a paisley scarf like this ever since seeing my friends' wearing them in 6th form so we're talking at least 6 years! I love the jewel toned colours in it, and its really soft (hence why I've got it all over my face!)
This wasn't as much of a bargain as the shoes but still pretty decent at £17.50 reduced from £25.

Last but not least is this green ribbed jumper from New Look. Yeees it is green (see above about outfit shoots at sunset - won't be doing that again). Now THIS was a steal at only £6!  I didn't even look what the original price was and took it to the till straightaway (I've just checked - it was £17.99 - yay bargains!). It's a very fine knit so you can wear it as a top or over a vest top or something. I wouldn't recommend wearing it as a single layer on a beach in December though. I told Mark's mum about it and she went and ordered one in a different colour the same day. SUCH a good buy, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it both casually and for smarter wear.

I hope you like these purchases (actually who cares? It's me that's wearing them and I like them). I enjoyed doing this outfit shoot so hopefully there'll be a lot more to come this year - hopefully in better light! If you're wandering the dungarees are last year's from Fat Face - I like them but I think I'd prefer a skinny leg? And the watch is Mantaray at Debenhams but also a few years old.

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