Saturday, 10 October 2015

First weeks of uni (again)

So much for getting my blogging mojo back.. September was going well until I went to uni! Anyways I thought I'd update you on what's been keeping my occupied since the 20th of September.

I moved in to my room in halls... why would I go back to halls!? Its not actually tooo bad..... We have a few loud boys downstairs but its not been too bad during the week since fresher's fortnight has finished.
Here's my room!

I got the bedding in the H&M sale a few months ago, and the throw on top is ikea, as is the cactus pot (blogger standard). The fairy lights are Urban Outfitters, they're on copper wire so I could bend them into different shapes if I wanted. 

I was pleasantly surprised with my room, its in the corner of the flat so its slightly bigger than some of the others, mainly meaning I have more floor space. No excuse not to to yoga/workouts now! There's quite a lot of wardrobe space which is good though I feel like I've got barely any clothes with me! My window looks out over the tennis courts :)

In Fresher's week some of my flatmates and I went to a cake decorating event which we all enjoyed so much we set up a baking society there and then! I need to get down to poundland to get some piping bags so I can recreate these!

This is a selection of my favourite bits from my freshers fayre haul.. the t-shirt and the Ben & Jerry's shovel came from the Domino's stand - along with free pizza of course! The lanyard was from Wetherspoons stand along with a hat and I've been keeping my keys on it. I love the biscuit beer mat! The glow in the dark sperm keyring was from the NHS clinic stand but I gave it to my flatmate because she missed the fayre.

I've just finished my second week of lectures now and I'm realising I know very little biology - my main reading has been enormous anatomy & physiology books! I'm currently having my phone repaired and I've been given a replacement brick and I'm really missing instagram and having a camera! I might get my parents to bring my actual camera down when they come at half term.

Hope you enjoyed reading - I won't leave it as long next time.

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  1. Godlike with the course! Is Freshers now a fortnight event? I always thought it was a week! It would explain why there were more nutters around Bangor though!! ;)

  2. THE CAKES ARE SO CUTE. And now I'm hungry. Is it bad I didn't go to my Freshers when at uni?? I am such an old fart, and a hermit in comparison to all the young'uns hahaha.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. A "glow in the dark sperm keyring"!?