Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mini Cardiff Haul

As you saw in my last post, I recently did a bit of shopping in Cardiff. I also went to Cardiff on Sunday for #PartyAtTheAngel, and you'll see all about that in another post (check out my insta if you want a sneak peak)

I didn't go mad shopping, due to lack of funds and starting uni next week (eeeeeek!) but I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces in Primark and H&M.

I needed a new duvet cover for uni, so that was my main reason for heading to Primark. I managed to resist most of their gorgeous homeware and Disney pjs!

I was hoping to find something similar to the hedgehog print in the background of these photos which I got last year. I was pleased with this pastel aztec find though!

I also got my eyebrows threaded at Superdrug's Beauty Studio in the St David's Centre. I'm so so happy with them, and it only cost a fiver! I'd highly recommend getting your eyebrows done there if you're looking for somewhere good. I'd previously always got my brows done at Arch Angels at Debenhams, but that's £10 a time!

While I was in Superdrug I picked up a couple of Essie polishes, the blue is Lapiz of Luxury and the Nude is Spin the Bottle. I've wanted Lapiz of Luxury since borrowing my cousin's while we were on holiday and really loving the shade. I've been after a nude nail polish for ages, but there's so many different shades of beige to go on I could never decide. I got this having seen Rosie's post last month!

They go (unintentionally) with the watch I got from H&M. I'd forgotten to wear one to Cardiff and it was such a pain having to get my phone out my bag if I wanted to know the time. This was a bit of an impulse buy but it's so pretty! I have been a bit confused due to the lack of numbers though...

I also picked up this belt in H&M because I'd forgotten mine and my jeans were doing my head in falling down. I was so annoyed as I'd laid out a belt on my bed at home whilst packing but obviously had forgotten to put in in my bag. D'oh.

I found this burgundy cardi and grey t-shirt in Primark. They're basic but so useful, and the colour of the cardi (I believe it said Aubergine on the label) epitomises A/W fashion. The little cross body bag came from H&M. This was another thing I bought because I'd come ill-prepared. I'd only brought my huge leather tote with me, which is great for shopping but not so great to go out for an evening meal so I wanted something handy and smart just to hold my purse, phone, lipstick and room key.

I also got a leave in conditioner in Boots which I'll review. I got it with my advantage card points, which is a great feeling! Thankyou for free things, Boots! Oooh and I got a free doughnut with my Krispy Kreme loyalty card. Yay for free stuff!

What do you think of my purchases? Let me know!

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